Disney’s Pop Century Resort Transportation

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Do you like staying at Disney”s All-Star Resorts, but dread the bus transportation? Consider staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, which has its own?bus?transportation.

Bus Queue at Pop Century

There’s only one bust stop at Pop Century Resort and that is?outside of Classic Hall. There, you’ll find queues for each Disney Park, including Downtown Disney. The Downtown Disney queue will also take you to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagooon.


Disney’s Pop Century Resort Bus Hours of Operation

Buses begin running one hour before the parks open and one hour before Early Magic Hours start also. Buses continue running one hour past park closing.


Travel Times from Disney’s Pop Century Resort to Disney Parks

Travel times can vary, but you can expect a bus to arrive at Pop Century every 15 minutes. Check out these travel times below, but remember to give yourself plenty of time. Consider adding in walking distance to Classic Hall and time to walk to the park entrance and get through the lines.

Magic Kingdom: 20-22 minutes

Epcot: 10-15 minutes

Animal Kingdom: 20 minutes

Hollywood Studios: 10-15 minutes

Downtown Disney, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach: 10-15 minutes


Cabs and Rental Cards

You can also look into taking a cab to the Disney Parks. Visit the front desk at Pop Century to make arrangements.

You can also choose to rent a car from several nearby rental agencies.


Do you like to use Disney’s Pop Century Resort’s bus?transportation?